Why should someone support the Central public library of Veria at this period of time?

  • Because the library of Veria offers free access to knowledge and lifelong education, it provides programs which address children, adults, people with special needs, the unemployed; it makes the best of what technology, cooperation with other libraries, programs and institutions can offer so as to help as many people as possible find new financial, academic and social opportunities.
  • Because it is a point of reference for the citizens. Therefore, the standard of the services which it already offers must remain the same, even though the state subsidy is low.
  • Because the funds it receives will return to the people in the form of services they receive from it.
  • Because in 2014, 5.200 students from Veria and the wider region visited the library and used its services.
  • Because it has 31.375 registered members, that’s 60% of the population of Veria
  • Because since November 1999, when the new library site launched, until November 2015, the library has lent 2.943.633 items to its members.

Why does the library address the public to collect money for the completion of the 2nd floor? How did it use the money from the ‘’Access to learning’’ Award by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, which was received in August 2010?

Because the renovation of the 2nd floor needs to live up to the expectations of our members and artists concerning the services which the library offers.

With the money awarded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation since August 2010 until today, the library:

  1. Installed photovoltaic systems, therefore conserving energy for its functioning
  2. Created the media lab on the 1st floor, which is flooded with people on a  daily basis
  3. Upgraded its technological equipment
  4. Proceeds to the renovation of the 2nd

The annual reports on how the donated money was spent are sent each year to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They include a detailed statement of all expenses incurred each year and are associated with the action plan for the utilization of the donation which had been agreed between the Library of Veria and the Foundation in August 2010. The final report with which the use of the prize money is completed successfully will be sent to the Foundation on February 28, 2016. All reports are available to all interested parties.

The extra money is required to cover the expenses of the equipment needed so that the multiple function space along with the reception room/lounge can acquire the appropriate infrastructure, which is equal to the expectations of the public and the producers.

Who does this campaign address?

The campaign addresses the citizens of Veria and the inhabitants of the Imathia region;It addresses the people from Veria /Imathia who live abroad and want their birthplace to progress, t

In addition it addresses the artists who seek places with high standards in order to present their work, and connect with the audience.

What will happen to the money we will give to the Central Public Library of Veria?

The renovation of the multiple function space on the 2nd floor will be completed.  There will be a special place for the people who visit the library and want to watch a movie, enjoy a play, a concert, even a cooking seminar.


What will happen if the Library does not raise the money?

If the money is not raised, the event room will not be finished, and as a result no seminars, lectures, concerts, plays will take place in the library, until the renovation is completed.

The opportunity for the people of Veria to communicate with artists and creators   and have access to a multiple function space equal to the most modern and advanced libraries abroad will be delayed.

During this time period, why should someone support the clpv and not a NGO which helps refugees and socially vulnerable groups of people?

Because under the current social crisis circumstances people will be supporting an initiative which provides citizens with alternatives and helps them reeducate themselves, remain creative and act effectively in the interest of their community.

Because the library cooperates with other organizations offering important services to socially vulnerable people.

How are we assured that the pledges will be used for the aims of the campaign?

Everybody can be informed about the finance of the campaign by contacting the library and when the campaign is over, there will be a thorough revenues-expenses report of the campaign added to the library’s website


Why should I deposit money in the Future Library account?

Future Library , which is among others , a strategic partner of the Library of Veria ,has agreed to support the campaign without any  charge. Thus, with the money collected from the campaign deposits , it will buy the equipment needed to complete the renovation and donate it to the library.


Can I buy something from the equipment or furniture you need and donate it to the library instead of depositing money?

Yes of course you can. Ask for Ms. Aspasia Tasiopoulou, employee of the Library, (tel. no +302331024494) or send an email to info@libver.gr and we will get in touch with you.



How can I support the library?

See all info in HOW TO SUPPORT.