The renovation of the second floor that will be completed with your own support will create a new space with a special atmosphere, where the multiplicity of uses that will be hosting it converses well with the aesthetics of simplicity and flexibility. The choice of both the architectural elements and the specific fixed and mobile equipment aim to enhance the area as a center of interaction, as an active center of learning and creativity.



The Foyer

  • It will create an atmosphere of ‘input’ into the world of aesthetic experience, multi-activities, relaxation, surveillance of space and motion in all directions.
  • It will shape the living room for hosting meetings, presentations, seminars and special events in conjunction with them hosting the Conference Hall such as hosting a small ensemble, conducting cooking seminars, support for hosting receptions



The Multipurpose Hall will be the premiere venue for multiple events with a capacity of 80 persons which with your own assistance will:

  • be upgraded aesthetically and acoustically
  • be equipped with modern facilities of special lighting, sound and vision, so that, with flexibility and high standards, it will cover the needs of alternative activities relating to movement, image and speech
  • have the ability to be integrated with the foyer enhancing the development of multiple interactive programs.


The 2nd floor will become a space of high aesthetics and quality, offering the public a unique audiovisual experience and the artists – authors the ideal environment to present their projects.

Audio Environment

  • Each new construction and choice of materials ensure a proper acoustic environment, so every listener can hear clearly what the speaker says and the space to be able to perform the physical changes of the speaker’s voice.
  • The soundproofing of the place against airborne  noise will be upgraded   



Theatrical space and stage lighting

  • The special lighting, the general, the theater and the dynamic lighting, will cover performing arts events such as concerts and small musical ensembles, small theater and dance performances.
  • The placement of lights will cover both the main stage, and any alternative location chosen for this in the hall.
  • The control will be kept through a digital console of theatrical lighting in order to cover multiple scenarios and requirements of professional and amateur teams.
  • Headlights type profile Jr will be placed. In combination with LED technology headlamps, which do not need dimmer, but are controlled directly from the console and the unlimited possibility of colors, the result may cover different events requirements.




Sound and vision   

  • The event hall and the foyer will be upgraded with the usage of effective and high quality audiovisual infrastructure providing the conditions of their future expansion with live streaming applications through the internet .
  • It will allow the development of partnerships with potential co-participants in educational or informative events, based on the philosophy BYOD (Bring your own device) or online.
  • The hall will focus on digital audio console operation, equipped with MADI card in the control room.
  • The sound inside the Hall will be broadcast via self-powered speakers to wall mounted swivel bases.
  • In the Foyer loudspeakers of wide dispersion will be placed on the ceiling. They will be able to convey either the sound of the event Hall, or the sound of a live event in the foyer, with total combination flexibility.
  • In the Control room will be installed: the wireless microphone system and the remote connection box and it will also be possible to connect wired microphones into wall connection box, wired to the control room.
  • A steady projection screen, format 16: 9 will be provided, with a ceiling projector and wireless system of cooperation.



Dressing rooms

One of the spaces which will be created on the 2nd floor, has been designed as a special dressing room available to the artists for their comfortable preparation.